About RP Card

Our Rastafari Partnering Inc RP Card programs made simple. Is a community loyalty card that offers saving and sustainable programs. We provided without borders culturally, to have access to your programs and saving.

We were created and established in 2012. Started first by launching our platform for small business to advertise collectively and compete with discount deals and perks. With plans to launch our RP Card Program three years after, went into four years, observed and study the market for over a year into 2018.

We decided to launch some of our programs for 2019 and used what is here already. By not changing what works and join another program for the best result, with guidance.



Our ambition is to establish and extend services across the greater Ontario area where a greater need is wanted for franchises and proven model of our product.

We aim to improve and uplift life through and our programs we can best help the community via our services, trades, and product offerings.


Our agenda is one of a responsible community business partner, we look to sustain and donate contributions back into the community based on funds received and will be put back into the local communities/businesses after operating funds/cost been addressed.

We make it a priority to put back a % of annual funds collected are put back into local organizations that have a platform to help uplift others and themselves for long terms gains.